city OF carmine
          "A little city with a BIG heart!"


260 Luther Lane/P. O. Box 76
Carmine, Texas 78932
Office: (979) 278-3273
Fax: (979) 278-3310


 Carmine News:


Building Permits are required for all work! A "Stop work    order" will be given and permit fees will double if you start building before getting a permit. Permit can take up to two weeks to be approved!

New Important Documents:

Ordinance # 79-2013 - Recreational Vehicles
2012 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Mandatory Water Restrictions

Proposed Budget 2013/2014


         When in a burn ban you can receive information by contacting the local fire department, or the county sheriff's office.  Click here for a map of current Texas counties in a ban.

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For Your Information


Tampering with Water Meters

Water meters are the property of the City. Only the City may install, remove, disconnect or re-connect a meter. Meters are maintained or replaced by the City. However, property owners are responsible for safeguarding water meters. All property owners are suppose to have a shut off valve on their property in case of leaks and need to turn the water off.

It is illegal for any unauthorized person to alter, tamper with, relocate, willfully damage, or bypass a water meter. It is illegal for any unauthorized person to reconnect a water meter after City of Carmine personnel have disconnected it.

Tampering is also subject to criminal charges. Any person violating these provisions may be found guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. Whomever if found guilty in civil action of violating these provisions shall be liable to the City of Carmine in triple the amount of losses and damages sustained or $500, whichever is greater.

The fact that water is turned on to any premises by an occupant thereof without the approval of City of Carmine personnel shall not relieve such premises of liability for the unauthorized use of water and damage to city property.